Information about DressedGPS

How it works

How It Works

Renting a dress
1) Type in your school to find all available dresses on your campus.
2) Choose your preferences and click on a dress you like. Message the owner to find a time and place to try it on.
3) If you're ready to rent the dress, take a picture of the front and back of the dress and send it to dress owner's email. Mention any prior stains or damage in the description.
4) Click "Rent" and enjoy!
5) Follow the owner's cleaning preferences and return the dress on the agreed upon date.

Insurance: If the dress gets stained or damaged, follow the owner's cleaning preferences to remove the stain. If the dress is damaged to a point where it cannot be fixed, you must discuss this issue with the owner and work it out. If this cannot be solved, the owner may make a claim and you could be charged for the dress. If you are late, you may be charged $5 per day.

Renting out dresses you own to make money
1) Click "Post a new listing" and enter in all of the dress's specifications.
2) When you get a notification (through the website and email) that a student wants to rent out your dress, find a time and place to meet up. 
3) You must inspect the dress with the renter for any stains and damage. 
The dress renter must take a picture of the dress and send it to your email. 
(This to provide proof of the dress's 'Before' condition in case it becomes damaged) 
4) After the student tries it on (optional), make sure they click "Rent".
5)  Determine a time and place to pick it up after the rental period.
6) Since you specified the cleaning preferences in the description, any stains should be removed (unless you specified for it to not be cleaned). You are responsible for any minor remaining stains that may be left.

Insurance: If there is any major damage to the dress, please discuss this issue with the rent and work it out. If it cannot be solved, click  "Make a Claim"If the dress renter does not return the dress at the end of the rental period, please click Make a Late Fee Claim.

Selling a dress

1) Click "Post a new listing" and enter in all of the dress's specifications under the 'Selling' category.
2) When you get a notification that a student wants to buy your dress, find a time and place to meet up. 
3) After the student tries on the dress (optional) and is ready to buy it, have them click "Sell Dress". 
4) Get paid! About 6 days after the sale, the money will get directly deposited into your account.