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DressedGPS Terms of Use

Renters Agreement Text:

When renting this dress, I agree that I will take care of the owner’s dress and do everything in my power to minimize damage, stains, or general harm to the dress in any way. If I fail to return the dress in the condition in which it was initially received, I understand that I am potentially financially liable for cleaning or repair. I agree to pick up the dress from the owner at the start of the Rental Period (“Start Date”) and to return the dress to the owner at the end of the Rental Period (“End Date”) or be charged a possible fee. The owner may shorten or extend the Rental Period by mutual consent. If I do not return the dress within the deadline assigned by the renter, I may be charged an additional $5 per day. I also agree that if the dress is damaged or stained beyond  repair, I may be charged by DressedGPS for the appropriate cost to get it fixed up to the full "retail value" as set by the owner. If I do not return the dress, I may be charged by DressedGPS for the retail value of the dress.

Initial Inspection. Before renting out the dress, both parties agree to conduct a full visual inspection, taking pictures of the status of the dress before the dress is rented out. The renter or owner must message those images to each other via text or email with description of any pre-existing damage. It is important both parties have these pictures in their possession so that in the event where a claim is made, there is evidence of the dress before and after it was rented.
Stained Dress.  If the Owner specifies that they want the dress cleaned before it is returned, the dress renter is responsible for doing so at the owner's preference. However, common decency is expected so please treat the dress how you would want your dress to be treated. You are fully responsible for: (i) damage resulting from “misuse” or negligence; and (ii) damage to the dresses functional elements, including, but not limited to, straps, zippers, flaps, etc. 
Dress Insurance. In the event of structural damage to the dress, the Owner must place a claim to the DressedGPS team via the website. This claim must show undisputed evidence of new damage through before and after pictures as well as a description of the damage. If the DressedGPS team approves the claim, they will recommend a local seamstress for you to get your dress fixed at. You must then send us a picture of the receipt (which must include the date and how much the cost was). We will then compensate the owner. If the dress is damaged or stained beyond reasonable repair, the renter will be billed the retail price as seen on the dress's profile. A $5 late fee will be charged to the dress renter for every day past the dress rental deadline. These charge are at DressedGPS's discretion as well as any other charges to the dress owner and renter.