How It Works

Looking for a last minute outfit? Want to make money on your unused clothes? DressedGPS lets you make money or save money by renting out your closet.


Step 1: Post Outfits

Owners at your school upload their outfits to make money.


Step 2: Browse

Check out the latest trends and styles at your school.


Step 3: Rent or Buy

Try it on. Rent it out. Drop it back off. If you bought it, keep it!

Let's Begin!

Begin uploading outfits from your closet or start browsing outfits on campus.

What's the Occasion?

Why Use DressedGPS?

DressedGPS allows students to easily make money by renting and selling outfits to students on campus.


Unlimited Wardrobe

Their closet is now your closet. Students have access to hundreds of outfits without ever leaving campus.


Make Money

Making money can be hard. We make it easy for you to earn quick cash- no strings attached!


Safe and Easy

DressedGPS is committed to keeping our services safe and secure.