Information about DressedGPS


To improve the lifestyle and fashion of college students, DressedGPS provides its members with the opportunity to make money from their closet and expand their own wardrobe within the campus community. Our slogan says it best: Borrowing without the awkward. Buying with the hassle.

Michael Havkins, CEO, Co-Founder
Havkins has been passionate about entrepreneurship ever since he started his first company selling vintage hats at the age of 13. Havkins discovered his love for innovation and entrepreneurship while leading organizations and building relationships during his time working for several startups early in his career.

Jake Gordon, CEO, Co-Founder

Gordon gets excited about all things related to innovation, technology, start-up culture, and learning about how successful organizations work. Gordon also has work experience as an Analyst in Venture Capital and Management Consulting companies, in addition to acting as a leader in several different capacities.

Jack Lieb, Head of Brand Development & Outreach

Lieb brings experience and success in client outreach to the team. He values maintaining strong and meaningful relationships with others and is passionate about  investing, start-ups, and technology.

Jesse Reilly, Head of Digital Production & Media
Reilly has an incredible background in marketing and photography and is an expert at photo and video retouching. He brings a valuable skillset to the team that is unmatched and professionally done.